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A good start would be to learn everything Linux. If you don't mind spending a bit of money you should buy some books off of Amazon, Certified Ethical Hacking, Pentesing books, Offensive Security PWB, etc etc. Just read as much as you can. Then if you actually wanted to make a career out of it you can take a exam through an organization called the EC Council for C|EH which stands for Certified Ethical Hacking, then you can take a course with then which is Advanced Penetration Testing. But my suggestion is to learn everything you can about Linux, weather it be Ubuntu or BackTrack Linux, just get real comfortable with the command line.

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I did a study on this for a recent conference talk, you can read all about it on my site


Or watch the video:

I've been reading the pen-testing survey results, at the Digininja website and it does answer a lot of the questions. people are always asking and I highly recommend it.

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Pentesting is a huge field with tons of topics, some of which are extremely different from each other. Find something you enjoy doing, then stick to that. If you enjoy building websites, try web app security, if you like writing windows programs, windows app security, if you like wifi pineapple type stuff, go with network security, etc etc. Each of these fields can provide a lifetime's worth of research. IMO, most people who excel in this field are specialized in one or a few subjects. You'll go crazy if you try to do it all.

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