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Where To Start? -New-


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Id like to learn some programing and learn some things about network/computer security. Thing is im very busy in life [doing a nursing program] and would like things that dont cost a lot of money, i can maybe vist a bay that may have pirates to get some ebooks and what not, but I'd like to know where to start.

I did make a game server from an open source, but my 'friend' crashed the whole thing when he deleted a few lines of code. I know for a fact he doesnt know how to code a server and he just rage deleted a bunch of files, bc i 'stole' [he dint log on or update his server for 2months] his players. This happened a few years ago.

Now I own an iMac+Macbook pro (iMac is for my parents bc its nice and simple for them to use, i like the macbook pro, not gana lie, for the looks and to sort of fit in you could say). I can get vmware and download *COUGH* buy a new OS like linux, but I have no clue where to start.

If anyone could push me in the right direction that would be awesome.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day. :)

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I am not sure why you would buy free software. ;) . If you want to contribute to the nix community, by all means, purchase the dvd set for around 25 $. In the past year, I have clipped my Microsoft wings and went with Ubuntu 12.04.

So, programming on the other hand is something that is not picked up instantaneously (at least in my case). Here is a list that I was recommended by the Hak5 site.

Ruby on Rails


There was probably more, but I am taking on those two languages. Let me be the one millionth person to say it takes time and effort.

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I'd say for a first programming language, python/ruby will take a few months of everyday work to obtain an intermediate level. It's a great place to start (especially for the OP since it comes native to both Mac and Linux based OS's). I think it's also important to learn a low level language or at least do some reverse engineering/exploitation tutorials to learn how the computer works at a lower level, and also how programs flow.

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For learning how to program, Codeacademy looks like a nice place. I'm unsure about going there to just learn a new language, but it's a nice place if your new to programming.

I only used it to be more fluent in Javascript, but its being slowly updated (they just included a Python tutorial, but it involves running Python code server side, and is in beta) .

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Based on my recent experience using Codeacademy to tutor someone over the Internet... their tests are often broken and can easily give false-positives. This is a problem because it can give the student the impression that they are succeeding when, in fact, they may have completely missed the point of the exercise. If you're going to use a resource like Codeacademy, make sure you find someone with real programming experience to double-check your solutions.

To be clear, it's not a bad resource; it's just not sufficient on its own.

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In my opinion the best place to start is Python. I would download python3 and learn basic use of the language from the tutorial.

In my opinion it's popular enough that I have been able to use it for everything that I need, scientific computing, GUIs, graphing, etc.

EDIT: The secret to learning to write code is to have something you really want to be working on. Tutorials are OK for getting up to speed, but you will only learn from working on a real thing that you care about. Python is really good in that regard because it's a tool you can use for anything. Start simple if you want, like renaming a bunch of files on your computer or setting up some calculations so that you don't have to do them manually in a calculator or matlab, etc..


These are the tutorial and download location for v3.3, the new upcoming release.

tutorial: http://docs.python.o...rial/index.html

download: http://www.python.or...releases/3.3.0/

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