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La Fonera (2100) Out Of Karma :p


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Hello Boys,

i have a problem with mi old Pineapple (La Fonera 2100).

I have configured the whole as described here: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/16681-fon-backtrack-dhcp-problem/ (Mr.Protocol HowTo).

I can see the "Guest" SSID, but from a UMPC with win7, samsung s3 with android 4.0.4 and from an iphone 4 the "karma" doesent work.

Did you have any ideas how to solve that? (i have ordered a Mark IV Pineapple, but i need this 2100 for a presentation on Friday .28) :(

Thank You,


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Is the open network set to automatically connect on your Win7? It is a checkbox when you connect to it. It's been a long time since 2100 was powered on in my house.

Also, I have used it on the Mark IV with my Ipod Touch gen 4 with iOS5 (havent tested iOS6 yet, but should be no change) and it would connect. But I think you may have to make sure your password enabled wifi are not in range. Or remove them from it's saved connections.

On a side note: Wow, great work using search to find that old post lol.

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A client won't stay connected to a network it knows as WPA, it will assoicate then try to authenticate and as the server doesn't know the encryption keys it can't talk in the same language so the client walks away.

Karma only works with open access points.

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I have tested with a Macbook Pro:

Saved a ssid with wpa encryption, turned off the ssid, turned on the Jasager and i see the before configurated ssid without encryption, but it doesent connect automatically (but manually it works) . When I try on the Win7 client, I can't see any "karma" ssid. I will try tomorrow (here is 00:07) without encryption.

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