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Looking for new notebook.


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I'm in the market for a new notebook. Just wondering if anyone has got one recently, and if anyone knows of any deals.

I don't want a Dell, not getting a mac this time, and don't want mine to catch fire anytime soon.

I want something around $1500.00 that will last longer than 4 months. I hate how you find one for cheep, but once you add everything you want it still costs 2500+.

I can't get a discount at work, and Dell is the only one that has small business discount but again don't want a dell. So any help or insight is appreciated.

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Hmmm... Try finding a brand that hasn't used sony batterys? Plus, if you think about it, its more than likely that if you buy one new, they've check that the battery isn't explosive. The whole exploding battery thing isn't that much of a deal really, think about how many laptops dell have shipped in the last year, and how many of those have blown up. Your chances of getting an exploding unit are kinda up there with winning the lottery, being hit by lightning or finding lincolns gold in your sock draw.

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