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Halloween Going As The Grim Reaver.


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WPS = BAD another good one for Darren. My router needs to disappear. Okay reaver can break it. It is a paper weight. It can be done I am never home anyway. I am setting up something else so if I have to use a tainted router I can protect myself. Proxy vpn do something... I am looking for a list. Reaver is not hard at all. There are guides on the internet. Setup a proxy or vpn to a private link to the www.


P.S take an empty beer can like a stout with the ball in the bottom of it and convince people its an eyeball.

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Sorry I edited the post need to use proper language because children view this board. Send me to a list so if someone says hey you know about computer stuff what should I buy. A list of routers that do not have this problem. I am looking into a few things I will discus these later. P.S I am a dork.

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