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Poi Led Spinner Things Idea.


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There is this new thing I saw at the beaches in New York this year called poi. It's becoming very hot on the beach party night scene. Here is what I'm talking about.



It's new and there is going to be a huge pile of money in this stuff. Hak5 people can probably knock this out of the box.

So I'm at a party at a club or beach and everybody is rocking out with the POI, the Hula Hoops, the glo sticks and other cool led stuff around the bonfire. Here are some thoughts.

What if all these items were networked together. Now 5 Poi spinners and say 5 hula hoopers could be doing their thing and the LED's would be changing the same colors at the same time on all the devices.

Maybe they could be synced to the music.

Maybe a mobile phone could control the colors and patterns. If that phone was also the source of the music it could synch with the beats. This would be a mind blowing experience.

What do ya guys think? Is it maybe already available?

I'm a Hacker wanna be. My skills suck, but I like a challenge I just don't know what direction to go in to get started. Anyone who can pull this off. Will get invites to some of the wildest coolest parties in the New York area. That part I can guarantee :-)

Thanks appreciate any ideas critics etc. :-)

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Those are essentially LEDs in hollow, plastic ropes, if I am not mistaken. It would be relatively simple to do. You should find the video where Darren interviews a guy with a LED tie, he says a website to go to but I do not have time to look it up right now...

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Easy is a relative term. If you need your taxes done thats relatively easy. For me! I do hundreds every year. This stuff I'm not so sharp.

Check out these images so you can get a real feel for what I'm looking for. http://www.google.co...ge_result_group


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