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Pineapple Fun


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Duno if this is in the right place or not as i could not find an off topic section in the forums otherwise i would post it here.

I have had my pineapple out in the wild testing it with rick rolling and stuff, then an idea hut me, Dirty Noises!!!

So yea.. I rip an auto file and threw together a landing page & looped it (i would like to point out there were no images on the landing page only audio which i made sure had no swear words because i am sensible like that, i would also like to point out this was late at night in a shopping center), so then I went shopping and sure enough Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhh! the expression was priceless as people scurry to turn there phones off.

Wish I recorded it but yea, maybe thats for another day...

Happy Pen Testing!

- Anton.

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if you want to share with my module I'll pm you my email

Hey man, yea pm me you're email, i will have to make the html file up again, formated my usb stick by mistake today whilst trying to do some partitioning, ill send it over to you as soon as i get time to throw a page up.

- Anton.

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