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[Help] Bricked?


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Hello Hak5 Members,

Recently I tried to change the mac adress at boot, which worked via macchanger in rc.local, though it blocked me out.

I tried the reset button, without any success (the wlan led & power led is working, though when I put in ethernet cable it gives me an ip adress of However when I ping/nmap scan it shows nothing/all filtered).

I can still see that the mac adress is changed at every boot, so the reset button wasn't working... :?

Next step I was trying to flash the device, though it didn't work for me (with usb uart, nothing shows up on the screen (though I have set up gnd/txd/rxd correctly)).

Plus I cannot connect to the WIFI interface.... only got an ip on ethernet.

Do you have any idea's to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


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for what it's worth... we all have bricked something... sounds like your router may be to blame. If they can't recognize certain details of an account, they might not be able to transmit the signal properly... you went to a great extreme to say SCREW IT, FLASH IT...

On the other hand, if you change your MAC address; your DHCP needs to know it is changed. Not sure what you are running... ifconfig or netstat -ano are some commands you may want to try (quite a few more but I want to finish my coffee). What's worth changing your MAC address for anyway? IP spoofing is fun, and not so damned hard to change... Did Auntie Mildred find some stuff on your PC?

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