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  1. Interesting idea. Here are some pointers to know more about it, besides Minimodem Softwares for RX/TX: FLDigi - http://www.w1hkj.com/ MMTTY - https://hamsoft.ca/ (2016 - Radio Discussion on FLDigi vs MTTTY - https://community.flexradio.com/flexradio/topics/fldigi-vs-mmtty ) 2017: Presentation on using RPI with Amazon Echo - https://events17.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/Echo_Compatible_Linux_Device_Anderson.pdf Look at http://kitt.ai/ as mentioned in the presentation if you're into smart homes and privacy. Blogs Exploring Amazon Echo, part 1 - Intercepting Firmware Updates - https://medium.com/@micaksica/exploring-the-amazon-echo-dot-part-1-intercepting-firmware-updates-c7e0f9408b59 Exploring Amazon Echo, part 2 - Into MediaTek utility hell - https://medium.com/@micaksica/exploring-the-amazon-echo-dot-part-2-into-mediatek-utility-hell-b452f62e5e87 2019: Good YT vids: Hope this helps and puts us on the right train of thought!
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