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For this question I'm going to get down on my knees and beg for a helping hand, spoon feeding, or anything except RTFM / Google it / get a degree in IT/CS...

Please, please help me become IPv6 compatible. I tried to understand and read stuff about this a few months ago, but it's confusing to a layman and I was told by my ISP in March that at the universal IPv6 date everything would be automatically compatible/upgraded/enabled so I can quit worrying about it.

Well now it is not only past IPv6 day, but I've got an urgent task for a client that requires my software to be IPv6 compatible apparently, and I am not compatible.

If you could give me the simplest, straight-line path to resolving this I would be very grateful. I use all three major OS families, so I will take support for any/all. I have all browsers, but prefer Aurora (FF 16) and the program is a propriatary web app.

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First don't panic, IPv6 is actually not too difficult to start learning and using.

IPv6 Day was not about everyone migrating over to IPv6, but for a way to push large systems over to being available via IPv6 as well as IPv4. This lets them debug their systems with those who have an IPv6 connection to the internet. Exactly what you are wanting to do with your software.

Best bet is to look at setting up your local network to support IPv6 (Most OS's support this by default). Once you have the local network working with IPv6 then you can move on and get a tunnelled IPv6 connection (I use Hurricane Electric for mine). First get this tunnel working on a server that you can use as an IPv6 gateway (so best to avoid any being used for other important things, it doesn't need to be powerful - infact mine if running on a Raspberry Pi). Once you have that machine working with routeable IPv6 you can look at getting it to run as an IPv6 router for the rest of your network.

No detailed instructions I know, but there are plenty of tutorials online for these sort of things and hopefully it has given you enough to get started.

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Thanks very much for the help!

Hurricane Electric, thanks so much you're a lifesaver. Someone from the Cesidian root showed it to me ages ago but I didn't quite get it and I've been trying to recall what that thing was.

It's going to be stretching my limits but I will read all up on it and try to do as you described. I will only need to run this app on one computer so hopefully it will be a managable task. It's propriatary but it's performing a certain type of statistical/economic analysis on data in their database.

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