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Vmware / Pineapple Connection.


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I'm was wondering if someone has a solution for me . I have a laptop running win 7, vmware player with ubuntu or backtrack depends how I feel in the day.

I did the whole sharing network config stuff on the windows side. I'm able to ping the pineapple, and ping google from windows side. I ssh into the pineapple using putty from the win7 side. Once I ssh into the pinapple i was able to ping out to the net. \

thank god that worked!!!

the real problem i'm having is my vmware backtrack can't get any internet service.... UGH.

In vmware I'm able to ping the pineapple fine, but when I try to ping out to the net it doesn't work. Do i have to change something in the vwmware network adapter that windows created, or do I have to change in the vm machine setting something under the network adaptor?

I'm so lost and getting very pissed that I can't figure this out. It's been almost 4 hours here and there trying to figure this out.

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i did everything I could on the vm stupid software... UGH just gave up on it and installed virutalbox. I added 2 adapters to virutal box, same to vmware...The other one went to internal ethernet card (eth0) and the other one went to my internal wifi card (eth1)

Still left the sharing turn on the wifi and still left the ip setting on the eth0 etc...

Then started up backtrack did a ifconfig and guess what I was able to see both cards. Did a ping test to the pineapple (okay) ping google (okay) brought up my browswer ( okay) everything worked less then 10 mins in virutal box. UGH so stupid i spent almost 6 hours trying to figure out vmware and stuff.

it's 4am so I will work on it tomorrow again to make sure and take notes for future use, plus some clean up and moving my image to virutual box.

Good NIGH@@@@

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