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File Browser Module

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Pineapple File Browser Module

I noticed the lack of a basic file browser, so I have written one. I attempted to make it look as "pineapple-ish" as I could.

Version 0.2 Features:

Multi-file Copy, Move and Delete



Version 0.1 Features:

Browse the full filesystem of your pineapple

Basic text editing - WARNING: This is my first attempt at this sort of file editor, and although I believe I have gotten all the character work (addslashes, stripslashes, htmlspecialchars, etc.) working properly... I would practice some caution editing system critical files.

Strip windows line endings

Planned features:


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I am not sure if i just not looking in the right place but i can't find the module anywhere to install can someone please help.

I am not 100% sure but I think that the creator of this module never summited another version of the new OS and so the module was discontinued untill the owner resumits the module.

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