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  1. how can i dl it without installing their dl 'manager' - i just want the bare naked zip.....
  2. thanks very nice. Will it display files? I can see a file if I edit it - but that creates a temp version - and i dont really want to edit - just vew a file. Question: when you double click a file is it trying to it? good job!
  3. Hi, I have a new pineapple and am looking for someone to help set it up. I am sure I can read the docs and figure it out... But I would like to pay someone with experience to walk me through it (I have limited time..) I would like to have someone teamviewer connect to my system and assist me. update the firmware I want to do some man in the middle games where I demonstrate wireless vulnerability. Isnt the a way using pcap that you can snag all the pictures passing through and display them? Stuff like that - I am trying to demonstrate to a possible. I would like to create some phony looking login pages and show how that works, There was a hak5 episode where he has a pineapple in a cup serving fake login pages but I cant seem to find that episode anymore. I figure it would take a few hours and we can discuss your rate. Thanks skype me at wayne_horner if interested.
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