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Hak5 VPN


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Has anybody thought about this?

I was just sitting around and thought that it might be kinda cool to create a hak5 VPN.

There are obviously a few problems. You can have a centralised model. Where we all connect to a central server somewhere, but i don't think that anybody really wants to be the central node to a big hak5 VPN through which all network traffic goes. That would be ALOT of bandwidth.

I don't exactly know how Hamachi works, if that's a decentralised VPN, but i don't think that i would want to trust a 3rd party with a VPN anyway.

What kinds of decentralised VPN solutions are out there. Does anyone think this would be a possibility?

There's also the fact that for the most part we don't really need one. We can already play LAN games, transfer files and do basically anything else that we need without one.

Finally, do you really want to let people that you don't know, particularly fans of a hacking IPTV show into your network behind your firewall?

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