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Descriptional Entropy


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First let me introduce myself, I am known by unixmito (fork() anyone?). I have both an intellectual and professional interest in programming, networking, auditing, etc. Recently, I purchased the Mark IV, and am waiting to receive it today. In lieu of the 4-6 hours I will have to wait for it to arrive I'm doing a variety of research ahead of time.

First question:

I understand the platform involved and the basic principals driving the Mark IV; however, despite the few snippets of code i've seen from post to post, It's unclear if there's a distinct methodology used for creating a project (vis a vis gcc or similar compiler). Is there a project skeleton I can follow for compiling custom modules? I've never had the luxury of dealing with open-WRT. In fact, I haven't seen a svn/git repo for any code associated with Jasager and the Mark IV.

Second Question:

I am working on a project that uses fuzzing/descriptional entropy to perform latency analysis on TOR nodes. I understand this is rather dated news, and several papers where written up in '09. However, I'm opening up this discussion on my own terms and have even enlisted mathematician Oswaldo Gonzales Gaxiola (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico) to hopefully address this issue once more. Especially since a device such as the Mark IV is poised to deploy such an attack easily and with minimum configuration. My question being an invitation, if any of you would feel motivated to participate in this endeavor, I will gladly accept any help/advice/criticism.

Third question:

Is anyone an electrical engineer or have equivalent experience? If so, I have also found an overseas manufacture for poly-crystalline solar cells with a decent high amperage output. I will also be creating another project that will seek to create an affordable of the grid solution. Any help designing the inverter/voltage/amperage regulator circuits would be of tremendous help. I must confess I'm a hobbyist in the area and find myself quite perplexed at times.

I appreciate those that have gone through and read this entire post. I only resort to such a long winded approach since using the search function doesn't produce any results for: "solar panels," "solar," "entropy," "fuzzing," or "TOR."


http://www.math.uni-...ropy/algor.html (Descriptiona Entropy in Logicl)

https://blog.torproj...ne-cell-enough/ (One node enough to break TOR)

http://docencia.izt..../miscelanea.pdf (Quantified Harmonic Wave Theory)

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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the pineapple community unixmito! I'm sure Mr. Protocol or one of the other mods will move this thread soon. If he doesn't in the next day or so, just PM him and you'll receive many more replies, as the Jasager forums are the most active on this board. I can get things started though :)

1. The newest firmware for the pineapple contains much better support for module creation. Sorry, I can't answer your question more directly, but I've never created one (I live in the cli and only use a few modules), but its apparently much easier to get started.

2. This sounds fascinating. I know for a fact Adrian of irongeek.com would be very interested in this. You might hit him up for collaboration. He's been obsessed with I2P and tor lately. Getting a reverse ssh through TOR would be a great and welcomed project on the pineapple.

3. I'm not an electrical engineer, but I work with solar powered 12V systems 5 days a week. If you share the link to whatever panels you're looking at using, I'd be happy to take a peek and offer any advice I can. I also have a several ee's that specialize in solar that are colleagues of mine that I can tap for any in-depth questions, so fire away!

Again, welcome unixmito - another active programmer joining the pineapple community is always appreciated!


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