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Found 6 results

  1. This is my first post, but I've had some trouble finding much searching myself, so i thought i'd maybe give it a shot here. I have been trying to find an android phone, thats cheap, yet stable enough to use with WIFI pineapple nano and as a display device for RPI 3, as well as powering a nodemcu. Now finding a cheap android smart phone, is as easy as walking into any gas station. The issue at hand is the stabilty of these devices. Sometimes they work well for a few weeks, and sometimes i have issues right off the get go. I've had a phone that continued to crash during setup, I never got past that point with it. Now i haven't tried using any of the devices I listed with a phone like such yet, but it seems like a way better idea then using a device that i've actually put money into, that I have personal information on, used social media with .etc Of course you cant be 100% anonymous using the internet or any device, but starting clean and being able to just start fresh without really hurting your wallet would be useful. Anyways. I was just wondering if anyone else has thought or acted on this sort of idea.
  2. RGB

    Going Dark

    Is there a good resource for learning more about going dark on the internet? I am already familiar with i2p and TOR; however, I continue to see more and more posts across the internet about constantly using a VPN. Is this necessary/recommended even if I am not torrenting? Thank you.
  3. Hey, ive been thinking about picking up a wifi pineapple to try to expand my networking knowledge, and I was wondering, if I deployed a rouge AP in a public place, like a college campus, or something along those lines, would they be able to find out who I am? If so, how would they?
  4. Hello, i would like to achieve a high level of anonymity in web-based applications(mainly browser) and would like to get some input by experienced users! The Goal is to not be tracable(as good as this is possible) and to have encryption aswell. First i thought of chaining a list of Proxies(at best in a random order for each package sent)before entering an SSL encrypted VPN. Through that i hope to prevent danger from sniffing into my traffic from the proxies due the encryption of the vpn and the different routes through the proxies hide my Identity from the vpn. Does this work? I am not sure how a SSL Handshake will hold on this(what if the last proxy is always the same?). Additionally i would like to add another Transport Layer Encryption (SSL proxy?, second VPN?) to prevent spying my data by a possible corrupt vpn. I find a lot of information for each topic itself but im very unsure if my idea works in generell, or which tools i can use for this. I have advanced Java, C#, and Web-development knowledge and would like to expand my very basic linux ,bash and network skills. Im also willing to try myself on c for this project, if necessary as a long term target. Please just share some links thoughts and input for this idea!
  5. Hi there! Here is the transcription of The Grugq's guide for online freedom fighters out there on how to avoid getting busted: http://privacy-pc.com/articles/hackers-guide-to-stay-out-of-jail-opsec-for-freedom-fighters.html Enjoy!
  6. First let me introduce myself, I am known by unixmito (fork() anyone?). I have both an intellectual and professional interest in programming, networking, auditing, etc. Recently, I purchased the Mark IV, and am waiting to receive it today. In lieu of the 4-6 hours I will have to wait for it to arrive I'm doing a variety of research ahead of time. First question: Second Question: Third question: I appreciate those that have gone through and read this entire post. I only resort to such a long winded approach since using the search function doesn't produce any results for: "solar panels," "solar," "entropy," "fuzzing," or "TOR." Bibliography http://www.math.uni-...ropy/algor.html (Descriptiona Entropy in Logicl) https://blog.torproj...ne-cell-enough/ (One node enough to break TOR) http://docencia.izt..../miscelanea.pdf (Quantified Harmonic Wave Theory)
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