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Audacity + Guitar = Fun


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On Ubuntu I have been playing with Audacity. I even plug my "guitar into my pc". I use behringer board to control levels. I have stomp boxes (effects pedals distortion chorus wah)I plug into the board. I also use a line6 pod xt plugged into the board or via usb. I can record stuff and do fun stuff with the tracks. It even encodes the tracks to MP3's

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What guitar do you have?

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The guitars I have. 2005 Fender Mexican Strat, Ibanez 6 string acoustic and a yamaha 12 string acoustic. The 2001 thinline telecaster which I only play when something super happens.

They are nice guitars, I own an acoustic guitar and initially, I thought in buying the original Les Paul Gibson guitar, the one that Slash from Guns N' Roses plays, but too expensive. I've now decided to buy an ESP Horizon instead. What kind of songs do you play?

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