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itunes hack


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The QTFairUse 6 application supports iTunes versions 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 and uses Apple's music and video player in the DRM-removing process.

QTFairUse 6 is available for Windows only. It requires Python 2.4 and runs in the command line.

You may download QTFairUse 6 from the following URL


How it works: When you play AAC file with iTunes 6.0, QTFairUse 6 dumps indiividual AAC files from the memory before AAC decoding (so you get better quality compared to direct sound recording software).

Unfortunately while removing DRM protection QTFairUse 6 doesn't save any metadata. The resulting AAC file, doesn't seem to play in iTunes. It plays fine in QuickTime Player, but iTunes on the Mac side rejects it.


1. Remove DRM from iTunes 6+ with SoundTaxi.

SoundTaxi works with iTunes 6+. Although it re-encodes your files, but it can keep the artist, song title, year and album metadata.

2. Use iTunes 5 and less with JHymn

For those who dont want to goto the link :)

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Hmm i think of it more as a DRM stripper for fx. iTunes than a hack, caous u realy dont modyfi the program, site or stuff like that, but just removes the DRM.

Anyways thx for the link

I think it was mentionet on the new ep of the broken ;)

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