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Usb Splitter


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Hi all,

I received my pineapple yesterday morning, and after fiddling with it I realised I would need my Alpha NHA and a 3G dongle connected at the same time to the pineapple.

I figured the only way to do this would be using a USB splitter but was unsure whether the wifi pineapple would support it.

Has anyone used a USB splitter and does it work?

Thanks in advance!

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Like a lot of embeds, the pineapple has pretty limited amperage it can put out over its single usb. If you had two very low power devices to plug in to the USB, a non powered hub would be fine. Two radios (wiifi + 3g) is way too high of a power demand for the mark4. A powered USB hub is needed to supply enough amps to the devices.


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