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Changing Ipb Board Themes


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I mentioned this to Darren the other day, about changing themes, causes an error message. Before the update, it was just an error message. Now, when you change it, it stays that way. If you delete all your cookies, you get logged out and see the default theme again. Log back in, you get the error message, since you never told IPB to switch you back. Fix?


in your address bar. Show your cookies.

Both hak5_mobileBrowser and hak5_uagent_bypass should be set to "0". Changing their values to 1, seems to reload the forum theme.

Just an FYI if anyone runs into this and tries selecting a different theme. The mobile theme seems to work somewhat, but the Pre 3.2 one, is the one that causes the errors.

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Thanks for the information Digip, will keep it in mind if I come across it.

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