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Javascript for closing frames


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I have been working on this all night and get figure it out...I want to close 1 from with a button from the same one and have it reload the second frame(similar to google images banner). i have tried self.close(),window.frames[name].close() and all that other stuff and nothing works. I finally got it close to working except taht it closed the whole page.

I am also stuck with a Back button(again similar to google images banner) that i want to have go back to the last page a user was on on my site.

What i have is http://www.freewebs.com/tester14/test1.htm.

From what i know i am limited to JS and HTML so im not sure this is possible.

All help appreciated


Moonlit: Link fixed.

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To remove the top frame in javascript all you need to do is to set window.top.location.href to the url of the lower frame. However, you cannot read the url from the lower frame from the top frame if the frames are on different domains for security reasons. So you will not be able to cleanly remove the top frame if the lower frame is on a different domain and you moved away from the inital page. You could set the height of the top frame to zero but that isn't a very nice solution since the url in the location field would be wrong.

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