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p2p server


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You could rent a server in some where like veneswala and run what the hell you want on it, your host won;t stop you as long as you pay them. You are probably best paying with a veneswalan bank acount as well, then the american/<insert name of contry> goverment can't see that you are paying for the server.

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its not that what i wanted...

i will administrate a lan party and in order to the users share their files i was thinking in put a p2p server like emule to the users connect into...

anyway tnks sparda :wink:

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If all it is is a lan party then why go to so much trouble? Just set up a share on one of the computers which people can put things into and take them.

Even better you could make it a FTP server and then you can do some nifty things.

i could do that but i don't have enough space on any of my machines...

but i can talk with the sponsor....

thnks stingwray

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