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I would love to see a way to learn more about a module then having to search though the forums. What if part of the submission process was to create a man page OR README file that could be opened before installing a module?

How about an rss feed to alert users when new modules & firmware have been released and updated.

It might be nice if the feed could be read by the pineapple and be shown on the status page.

also what about downloading modules without internet access to the pineapple?

Another headache is having to click each and every module how about check boxes to choose the modules you want downloaded and also enabled. That way would could pick and choose the ones you want after a reflash?

Migration from one storage to another might be nice. (move to USB FLASH to Internal to OTHER USB FLASH)

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Module information is something that will be added soon.

Firmware updates can be checked for using the built in upgrade UI.

Modules updates depend on the developer and are therefore harder to track.

Downloading modules without a pineapple may not happen as that would break the way the module system works. But I'll give it some thought.

Installing multiple modules will also be added in the future.

Lastly, migration of data/modules can be a bit problematic. This will not happen until a bit later.

Best regards,


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