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Quickstart With Alfa Usb036


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I just received my Mark IV kit with an Alfa wifi adapter. Are there any quick starts for using the USB Alfa to feed the internet into the pineapple. I've looked at the forums, but I'm kinda at a loss on where to start.

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I have both a AWUS036H and a AWUS036NHA. I'm running plugged in @ 12V. With the "H" I can ifconfig wlanX up (sometimes X=1, sometimes 0 depending) and wpa_supplicant connect to my home network. On the NHA no such luck, I can't even ifconfig it up, but I'm waiting for a 2-1 power cable.

Suggestions on how to manually "wp4.sh" for the Alfa once the Alfa is connected to wifi? I would think it would be nearly the same in terms of configuring ip forwarding and messing with the routes.

Thanks for any suggestions!

This would be a great future 'module'


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I have tried to use the AWUS036H and it gets detected but then it gets active as wlan0 and then the internal wlan0 becomes wlan1 and this breaks karma on the pineapple, i could not figure out how to make the external get wlan1 instead of wlan0 ?!?!

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Don't plug in Alfa till AFTER the pineapple boots. You probably figured this out by now.

I have also registered this, the internal wifi in the pineapple gets screwed when booting with ALFA plugged in. Should(could) this be fixed in the next upgrade?

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