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  1. http://www.8devices.com/carambola-2 They list the price of the development board as 33 euros.
  2. i'm currently in the process of testing the pineapple firmware on the carambola 2, which has double the RAM and flash of the current pineapple IV. more info on the board can be found here: http://8devices.com/carambola-2 the best thing about it is the size. it's small enough to fit in your pocket with an enclosure and antenna, and uses a fraction of the power that the pineapple IV does. i've had one connected to a LiPo battery without recharging for about a week, whereas the pineapple IV drained it in less than 36 hours. unfortunately i don't have any time to work on this, as the board belongs to someone at my local hackerspace, but i can recommend the board to anyone who's interested in messing with a board with higher specs.
  3. if anyone wants to know what their classes are for this year, message me.

  4. i thought of a nice and simple addition to the webUI- being able to force certain MAC addresses to have a particular IP through the DHCP server.
  5. it's all fun and games until someone takes an arrow to the knee.

  6. I believe that the pineapple is more of a multipurpose development platform for pentesting and the like. what jdogherman suggested is what i was thinking of in the first place- having permission to put the pineapple on a vehicle and wardrive/track locations. with gpsd and a USB gps we could actively wardrive, but i'm also assuming that the vast majority of people don't have one, thus making a purely wifi based setup an interesting prospect.
  7. hey guys, just wondering if anyone would be interested in a module that searches for and logs networks over time- just like wardriving, but instead looks up the location on wigle and reports back that location over 3g to you. tell me any ideas you have- I have some time on my hands to develop this as a module.
  8. you simply have to input NMEA compatible signals into gpsd, which then serves kismet and the like for wardriving. put one of these on a friend's car for a week and you can both wardrive and track where someone goes!
  9. you have to set up the pineapple to be a wireless client. you can do it from the command line, but there should be a module for that soon if there isn't one now.
  10. i'm not so sure. with the addition of RTL8187s etc. we have the opportunity to do the wireless capture/replay aspect on the device, then offload the actual cracking to a vps.
  11. i recommend looking at usb over IP solutions. it'd make your life a lot easier, though you wouldn't have the option to compress the data. perhaps even just have the pineapple take a snapshot every now and then, encode it in a jpeg and send it to you/scp it to a VPS?
  12. it'd be nice to use the rtl8187 chipset since everyone seems to have it already... it seems like the only limiting factor is the rolling release nature of attitude adjustment, that means that the kernel modules are incompatible. did anyone take a snapshot of the trunk? I did for 3.3.6. also, the splash login through ssh still says version 2.1.
  13. If the webUI doesn't work, then I suggest plugging it in via Ethernet, setting your computer's ip manually to be and pinging If you can ping it, scp over the upgrade.bin into /tmp/ then do sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade.bin
  14. are you using the webUI? if so you should try sshing in and issuing the opkg command manually. most likely your problem is with running out of ram. the pineapple only has 32MB, so if you have a lot of stuff (urlsnarf,karma etc) running, then you will crash it without swap. try clearing the caches too, i think you may be able to do this from the resources tab.
  15. metasploit requires >512MB of ram to work properly. the pineapple has 32. the only way to do it would be through swap- essentially (assuming you could get it on there and cross compiled etc) your pineapple would buckle under the load. my suggestion is to buy a RaPi and hook them up together.
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