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Tunnel All Traffic?


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Use Pineapple to tunnel all traffic to server running SSH, in order to bypass a firewall.


I have an application that uses a specific port. THe port can not be change and the application does not allow for proxy (SOCKS proxy via SSH).

I have noticed in the pineapple config, I can setup SSH. Will this do what I want? Also the plan was to connect in this manner:

PC------cat5------Pineapple------cat5---SSH CONNECTION BYPASSING OnSite Firewall------SSH Sever On Internet, Outside of firewall------Application makes its connection using its now open/free port.

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Yes - you should be able to use autossh to maintain a persistent ssh connection to your cloud server and with some iptables magic route all traffic over that port. So your app tries to access port 1000, well iptables is chugging that through 22 instead to your cloud box. Unfortunately I'm no iptables magician, I've only started dipping my big toe into it (for sslstrip mods) but I'm sure someone here can you get your some specifics. In the meantime, google up iptables and start learning!


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