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  1. Objective: Use Pineapple to tunnel all traffic to server running SSH, in order to bypass a firewall. Details: I have an application that uses a specific port. THe port can not be change and the application does not allow for proxy (SOCKS proxy via SSH). I have noticed in the pineapple config, I can setup SSH. Will this do what I want? Also the plan was to connect in this manner: PC------cat5------Pineapple------cat5---SSH CONNECTION BYPASSING OnSite Firewall------SSH Sever On Internet, Outside of firewall------Application makes its connection using its now open/free port.
  2. I am running into another issue (not sure if this is v 2.0 related issue). I continue to get "No Space Left On Device" i am getting the error while trying to update USB.php, AND even when I tried to create a symbolic link from /www/pineapple/logs to /usb/logs
  3. Sebkinee, I am not sure why I had to. I am using BT5 and Firefox, and I even disabled NoScript. A day or so ago, I attempted to re flash the 1.1 firmware, and it would start the process (waiting for in the status bar) then it would just stop. The pineapple would never reboot, and would work just fine. (having NOT successfully re flashed) While trying to flash 2.0, I would get an error about the MD5 hash. After verifying the MD5 hash (md5sum upgrade.bin) I simply flashed using the method above, and I am having no issues.
  4. You guys are fantastic! Just an FYI I had to flash from terminal: I also noticed the LAN LED not lit.
  5. So after running pinapple0.9 and getting everything setup, I am having the following issue: Client - Machine connected to Fon via wireless Host- Machine hosting the internet connection, connected to fon via eth0 The Host is fine, it can access the internet, and resolve DNS names. The Client can ping the router, the host, and google.com. However, i cannot load a web page on the client. I can get ping responses but no 'web data'. If the Client connects to the local wifi (not the Fon) it pulls up a website just fine. Got any ideas? EDIT: After reading Encrypted_Soldiers post at the top of the page, I want to clearly state, that if the client pings www.google.com it will resolve it to an IP and get a response. But loading www.google.com does not appear to work.
  6. Ok, well what we want to do is monitor for folks streaming music/videos. I have looked into wireshark, but that still looks like it needs to be installed on a the 'default gateway'. We are looking to do something 'low profile' so that if it crashes, or we screw up the install, it doesnt bring down the whole office. It would appear by both trial and error and the sugguestions I have gotten that this needs to involve the router. Does anyone know of a way to avoid this?
  7. Well we are using Dell Power connect 6248. Not sure if we have a 'span' port.
  8. At work we have a few servers that we purchased in the past, and we are about to 'retire' them and will have no use for them. I was wondering if there would be an 'easy' way (NOT using one of the servers as a proxy, or internet gateway) but I am looking for a way to monitor network traffic/bandwidth usage. Does anyone have any ideas/software to check out?
  9. Well I am working on a project and I am creating a batch file that will export some "Auto complete" data to a text file silently. (Using some of the Nirsoft tools) but I was wondering is there a way to time/date stamp the txt files. I know 'time' and %date% will show the date but I cant get the created txt file's name to be either the time or date. Below is the syntex from nirsoft's web site, but i was wondering if any one knew what I could use to created: \stext %date%.txt If you look at the syntext below you will see that in therory that will create a text file with the actual date as the file name.. it doesn't any ideas? /stext <Filename> Save all email accounts into a regular text file. /stab <Filename> Save all email accounts into a tab-delimited text file. /scomma <Filename> Save all email accounts into a comma-delimited text file. /stabular <Filename> Save all email accounts into a tabular text file. /shtml <Filename> Save all email accounts into HTML file. /sverhtml <Filename> Save all email accounts into HTML file. (vertical) /sxml <Filename> Save all email accounts into XML file.
  10. I am having this issue as well, and I was wondering if the AAO starts with the Wifi turned on, and if not, how can I find out if it is on? I was told that by pulling up the "wireless assistant" if it finds networks, then your card is turned on, and that makes sense to me, but sometimes Kismet will 'work' (show networks) and sometimes it wont. Got any ideas?
  11. Matt that worked! Thanks...would you know where i could get an Aspire One custom install guide (for dual booting)
  12. Ok, so I have downloaded BT 3 (CD) and used a USB cdrom and could not get BT to load. (Video problem, some kind of error after 'startx') So I know there is a USB verison but I am afriad it is going to give me the same problem. So I was wondering if anyone has gotten this to work ..::nudges Darren::.. and has a decent guide or tips?
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