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Netcat Redirect Output To Php Page

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Hi, I am working on a really cool and useful module but i can't seem to forward the netcat output to a php page. I tried

echo exec("netcat code here...")

and all sorts of variations of the above command but it doesnt seem to want to cooperate. Any ideas ?

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I'm a bit of a PHP newb myself, but when experimenting with executing something like this I got it to work like by assigning the exec command to a variable and then echoing that variable. Should be the same thing I guess, but for one reason or another this worked at the time.

Something like:

$netcatdump = exec ("netcat blah");
echo ($netcatdump);

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if you exec the process like you're doing now in php the page won't load becuase php is waiting for nc to finish. If you take a look at the starturlsnarf.php or startdnsspoof.php pages you'll see how we're handling that -- with a call to at which forks the process. From there it's just a matter of redirecting the output of the program to a log and cat'ing that from php.

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The assigning to variable thing didn't work. I had already tried that.

Darren, thanks for the reply but I can't have the output in a file because the script is supposed to be executed a few times at the same time, which will completely mess up the output file. Thanks for the reply anyway. I think that I found a way to use wget instead of netcat. I'm testing the new method right now.

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Quick question: does sslstrip only remove the 's' from https?

So if there were no http version of the website, would sslstrip still work? If yes, then how can I use sslstrip on myself?

(Sorry fo asking so many question, but this toolkit I'm making is very complex )

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