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I've got a slightly strange setup at the moment, where I'm using a Macbook running Backtrack 5 in virtualbox. Internet is being provided by a bridged connection to the onboard wifi. Am thinking I will need to white (or black?) list the mac of that wifi adapter in order to prevent myself from being connected to the wrong AP (or being deauthed, later) which will obviously result in the pineapple not having any internet access as well.

In the pineapple UI it allows you to white or blacklist SSID's, which seems strange to me. Why not macs? Also, I'm not sure if you mean blacklist as in "ignore this one" or blacklist in terms of "attack this one". I'm sure this is covered somewhere, but couldn't find anything on the wiki.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Shannon and the rest of the crew for I am now once again with Pineapple. A thousand thank-yous for your great customer service! :)

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I also have such a setup. I have a repeater that karma lies to. My guess for the settings are;

Blacklist mode dont fake this id

whitelist mode only fake this id

I had no luck with this. It didnt seem to work. There are 2 workarounds;

-enable encryption on the repeater so karma cant spoof it

-turn off karma untill your ready to to into the field

I also note that when you add an entry you cant see it via the web page. You would have to go find the config file.

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