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  1. I have this configuration. I reconfigured ddwrt to supply dhcp addresses on 172.16.42.x. (Make sure dhcp doesnt give out address 1 or 42) DD-wrt's static address is and the pineapple has a static of It should work from there.
  2. I had a config problem in 2.0, but it was because i copied and pasted the usb config file from the old fw. After I reflashed and just reoptioned the 2.0, it mounted swap and storage correctly. I only use 1gb swap, open wrt is small, i see no need for it to use 2gigs of swap. You might be on to something with the heat. My fit also runs warm in the usb. Its very small, low surface area for cooling. Combined with a pelican that could be it. I have never run mine in a case.
  3. I also have a Sandisk Cruzer fit 16gb. I have had no issues.
  4. In an ssh shell/ifconfig/iwconfig, i cannot see wlan1 that should belong to the alpha. It doesnt look like its recognized.
  5. I also have such a setup. I have a repeater that karma lies to. My guess for the settings are; Blacklist mode dont fake this id whitelist mode only fake this id I had no luck with this. It didnt seem to work. There are 2 workarounds; -enable encryption on the repeater so karma cant spoof it -turn off karma untill your ready to to into the field I also note that when you add an entry you cant see it via the web page. You would have to go find the config file.
  6. Sweet deal, thank you. I had include at one time, but was hacking at the php code trying different things and it got left at what it is now. I like the current just because it says facebook.html....I know its working via the browser address, but when im ready to go live i will change it.
  7. I had the same problem. The mark4 with 1.1.1 software is looking for a php page on index.php. Index.html to Redirect.php is not needed anymore. Here is my code for index.php; <?php $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; if (strpos($ref, 'facebook.com') !== FALSE){ header('Location: facebook.html') ;} exit; require('error.php'); ?>
  8. The unit is flashed using a cat5 cable on the poe/lan port via the web interface. Also check you memory usage, when memory is low weird things happen. Mine will drop dns and web serving services. Leaving a web browser open with the page active and leaving the ftp program open seems to aggravate the problem. uninstalling some modules and moving the phishing pages to usb seemed to help.
  9. I have my pineapple up and running with a phishing page,16 gigs of storage and a tmobile phone with 100mb at 4g speed and unlimited at 2g speed. Now as you know there are 2 internet options. 1. wifi & 3g modem/laptop ics/cat 5/pineapple 2. 3gmodem/pineapple I have an idea for a 3rd option; 3. Offline http internet stored on usb as a very large proxy or as a seed for a proxy. This really bothers me because its so obvious. I have dns spoofing, and fake webpages. It seems to me like i should download say the top 1000 most visited sites and serve them on the usb drive. Ive looked into an offline web crawler called WinHTTrack that can save sites a few links deep and adjust the urls. I can save msn.com with all the articles linked to the front page. When you navigate off of the local storage, the url's point back to the web. What would be really sweet is if i could install an indexing service from the package repository, rewrite google.html to pass the search to the command line, then pick up the command line results and display them on the spoofed google results page. Linking a few sites onto peets.html as a web portal, using a fake filter page for what you dont have (" you cant surf this site because its a porn category"), you could possibly spoof a flaky internet connection. A searchable micro internet on a usb drive. Disadvantages; Local web sites get stale/out of date problems with dns (i need to specificly spoof msn.com and not msn.com/article) cant use login pages. (we spoofed those anyway to error.php) Advantages; less power, not using modem faster browsing less bandwith use as a proxy seed As i said this is just an option. I know its not the best way to do things. It just bothers me i have 12 gigs of space just sitting there, why not use it. What does the community think?
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