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Gone for a week


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Yes, it is my duty to tell you that Mr. blizz is going to be absent for the whole next week (starting with today evening gmt +1). I know, it will be a hard time for all of you, especially for TomB..... ... *cough*

Ok, let's be serious :-P Don't know if it's the correct translation, but I'll be on a field excursion in Italy or rather an isle group called Lipari. Check it out, it's a beautiful place. Yay! Anyway, "field excursion" is more like a synonym for being drunk for a whole week. And jesus, I've just been to Oktoberfest yesterday (my body craves ze beer! ARR ZE BEER!!! also ze vodka.)

So I hope you'll have a good time! And remember: pirates do warez, yarr!

PS: Darren speaks a decent german.. Ask him :-P When I'm back I'll show you how english with a really bad german accent sounds. (Well my normal accent sucks a bit sometimes, too :-)

Goodbye ladies and gentlemen!

for (;;) {

  if (!girl) girl = Girl(GIRL_PRETTY);


  sleep(girl); // <- yarrr


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armadaender, since when is it your avatar appears in such fancy colooors?? whee whee l s d! *bunches*

From the exact moment in which the halocugines entered your brain and your friends, the underwear knomes, starting stealing, well, your underwear.

Step 3: Profit!

Step 4: Retrieve underwear

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Danke Bizz oder mein Deutsch ist nicht gut. Ich habe nur zewi jahra in die schule und spreche "Guten tag, Ich heisse Darren Kitchen auf Hak5, und ich bin sechsundzwanzig jahra alt. Mirchten sie das Blumchen musik cassetten? Sie sent sehr toll!"

Mein schwester spreche gut Deutsch fur ein jahra auf Duseldorf und Berlin. She gab mich die Toten Hosen, die Arzte, und Blumchen CD so singen "Ich bin wieder hier!" und "Ein Lied Fur Dich".

Tschus und wiel gluck mit die grossen beer trinken!

PS: TomB ist ein hundin.

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