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Where To Start? (new Flash Drive :d)


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Ok, I came across u3 flash drives (took me a while to find this sandisk titanium u3 drive) and I will be picking up couple more due to how hard they are to find..

Ok, On topic. Since I have u3 flash drive I want to know what would I need to configure on my usb stick so my programs can work silently on "MY" computer? I am planning to do some coding and make my own specific software. U3 technology is new to me (I am glad I found one so I can tinker with this technology)

I mean this is mostly likely a worthless thread that I've made. Sorry if it was. :(

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First, you don't need u3 drives to use the u3 features, so if you're spending a lot of money on u3 feel free to check out my tutthat should be a topic or two below this one. A good starting point is gonzor's payload, search for it on the fourm. You'll need to update the programs, which can be gotten from nirsoft or downloaded in this pack. You'll want to include the "invisibility cloak.vbs" which will let your batch file run invisibly without a window. Other than that, feel free to make your own.

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I bought it for 14.99. Non u3 drive can it still work on windows 7 or no? I thought you needed u3 for windows vista/7?

Edit; How would I go about making my own payloads? I mean universal customizer keeps saying it can only modify one u3 at a time and that is the only usb i have installed.

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