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  1. Erm... all my sources say Cosmo is back and helping, but I distinctly remember him being sentenced and restricted from accessing computers for 6 years. Is someone faking as him, or is he actually breaking his arrest and claiming the credit for doing stuff?
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    Run USBDeview and post the PID and VID. Can't tell which is what from the pic.
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    Did you try the second part? There is a tool for almost every usb.
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    One of the tools listed here should be able to remove it, depending on the type of USB. Try the first tool, then the others. They can add and remove, so you should be able to find something
  5. Well, he did say he wanted to be a security professional, not a web designer. Therefore C would be ideal. While Java is what the internet runs on, C is multi-platform, lower-level, and more versatile for a security professional. That's like saying learn spanish to learn latin, then you can expand to french. You'd want to learn latin first, because both spanish and french are romantic languages based off of latin. Java and C#/C++ are based off of C. Java does have plenty of nasty habits that will not work in C++/C# which are more likely what he would be using as a security professional, be it network or software. The fundamentals of C will apply to Java or C++, but the most of fundamentals of Java will most likely not apply to the fundamentals of C++. Java is not the ideal starting language, simply for those reasons. You can do it, but it will make expanding more difficult. However, you're not going to learn anything if you're not interested, so pick whichever one is relevant to your interests.
  6. I'd recommend learning C first, seeing as Javascript is based off of C, and programming in C will develope better habits than some nasty java habits.
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    You need to go to nirsofter's site and download the latest files in there, IEPassview and FireFoxPassView and a few others. All the files in there are probably still from when XP was in it's middle stage.
  8. First, you don't need u3 drives to use the u3 features, so if you're spending a lot of money on u3 feel free to check out my tutthat should be a topic or two below this one. A good starting point is gonzor's payload, search for it on the fourm. You'll need to update the programs, which can be gotten from nirsoft or downloaded in this pack. You'll want to include the "invisibility cloak.vbs" which will let your batch file run invisibly without a window. Other than that, feel free to make your own.
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    Usb Mac

    No, they're designed for windows. Who uses macs?
  10. There's nothing really that exists that will output in c/c++, the only good way requires two prerequisites: knowing assembly and being able to use ollybdg/some other debugger (but ollydbg shows APIs). Then, use w32dasm to save the file in assembly, and use ollydbg to translate it. It's kinda wierd to explain, but it makes sense when you do it. The few decompilers out there will produce rubbish code, which you will need to know assembly to translate into c++ anyways. However, since you will probably learn assembly best after you already know a higher level language, you might want to stick to textbooks/open source stuff. There are equivalent programs if you are using linux.
  11. Lol don't use my payload, I never finished it. Use someone like Gonzor's, just look at the topics within the thread. As for mounting it, you'll need to put an autorun.inf file in it that runs start.bat, (google), and then either follow this tut or download this which has instructions and all the tools you need included.[/url]
  12. You could try this to get a u3 like feel. Then, write a program in c++ or the language of your choice that opens the page. You'll need the element you want to input into; use whatever command you need to input it. c++ style: HINTERNET hInternet, hFile; DWORD rSize; hInternet = InternetOpen(NULL, INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG, NULL, NULL, 0); hFile = InternetOpenUrlA(hInternet, "http://website.net", NULL, 0, INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD, 0); then use the QWebElement class to fill out the form. Make the autorun.inf open the application, then put them both in an Iso, mount it, and you can use any usb you want for cheap.
  13. Try using the Open command instead. Also, is 123.bat in the root directory of the iso? You could try using Action=Start 123.bat in addition to open if the computer has autorun disabled.
  14. If he's doing what I think, then I did the same thing in 7th grade and could access anyone's info. Our school had permissions set up, but there were some flaws. For some reason I could go into the network, and what was called "\school\VirtualLocker\Student\" and use active directory to search for someone's asb number, then find the folder with the ASB number and that was their documents. Long story short, one of my friends saw me doing it and spread the knowledge around, so I went up going to the IT and helping them fix it. Check your network permissions for profiles folders, that's the most common and every school I've gone to has had some error I can exploit. My suggestion would be locking access to every network except their own profile and the classes they are in.
  15. Things you'll need: UFDUtility MagicISO or other iso maker A usb. 1) Create the iso with the software of your choice. MagicISO free has a 300 mb limit, but you should be fine. If not, download a different program. 2) Open your files in MagicIso and add them to the top right window. 3) Find the save button and convert to iso. 4) Plug in your USB, open UFDUtility 5) If UFDUtility says "plugin not found", look at the bottom for the alternate solution. However, it should work for most non-u3 USBs. 6) Click "Autorun Manager" (it looks like an open cd tray). 7) At the bottom, look at "ISO file". Choose a file, then click "Burn". 8) Eject your USB, and you should have a CD partition. 9) To remove, simply go back to "Autorun Manager" and click "Restore Default Setting" If UFD didn't work: You'll need: USBDeview 1) Open USBDeview, find your usb's VID and PID. 2) On this page, search for the VID and PIDs. 3) In the last column, there may be a utility. If there is, go to this page and search for the name. 4) Google translate may help, as it's in Russian, but works. Downloads: 600 Replies: 0
  16. No, it is picked up by AV's a lot. However, I've been recently messing around with what I'll call "GhostPad" for now, and I'm making one that doesn't get picked up by most AVs, so it's undetectable, and is just to recover info from computers, no PWdump because it's detected by most AVs. GhostPad. If you want it truely undetectable, IE your victim won't get any warnings no matter what, delete everything from nirsoft (chromepass, iehv, iepv, mailpv, mspass, produkey). Yeah, but this stuff is mainly dead. What might interest the OP is this if you throw on a command line switch, then you can have your keylogger write and hide in a "ghosted" folder. Also, use this in a .vbs file and open it with a batch file referencing your start, and it'll run without a window. CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False Also, making something similar to USB 3.0 (so AVs can't delete files): Download, make a CD partition, add your ISO. Make an ISO with MagicISO or some other software. :P What I had planned was a Swiss Army Knife, includes ByteSpy, Cain, Cheat Engine, md5 Hash Changer, IP Changer, PortBlocker, Mac Address Changer, Trainer Maker, UDP-Unicorn, WireShark, Panther, smsniff, LanSchool Crasher, VirtualBox, and uTorrent and that with the payload was all under 150 mb. batch file for payload:
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