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Does Poe Work In The Mk Iv?


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Hello everyone,

I apologize if I haven't seen the answer to this question, but I am fairly certain that I have performed the prerequisite searching to see if it has been answered. I'm hoping/looking to see if I can power my MkIV with power over ethernet, as indicated by the "PoE LAN" jack on the device. The documentation for the underlying Alfa hardware suggests that it "just works", yet I've tried to connect it to a few VOIP jacks (usually for Cisco or other voip phones) and have never had it powered.

Does anyone know? I suppose there's a slight chance too that I'm missing the point on the nature of PoE, this being the first personally owned device of said nature. Thanks!

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Sorry to bump. (dodging empty cans and rotten cabbage thrown at me)

I think this is still a fairly interesting/useful question to know for sure, especially since making a useful interceptor out of the mkIV is going to involve using PoE (having to actually plug it in is decidedly less sexy). Was anyone ever able to test this?

The AP-121U's documentation lists it as "12v Passive PoE" and nothing else, so I'm not sure if this is more than your standard Cisco/Avaya need (which is why it didn't work last time I tried it).

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