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Facebook Photo Back Up


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Hi, I up untell recently had all my family pictures movies and other files stored on a local file server i made out of an old machine. unfortunitly the drives ended up getting cleared during some rather pointless Tom foolery, but my question is is there anyways of saving all the photos i've uploaded to facebook. I prolly have closer to thousands of pictures on there and to save thousands of individual pictures seems a lil bit redictulous... . I've tryed using the facebook backup method but all the images have lost there quaility, does anyone have any suggestions? im running both windows and linux OS's.

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The backup method is what I was going to suggest. When you upload them to FB they cut down the quality. If they didn't there would be a huge problem with server storage and page load time. So basically what you get is what you get. Unless you are able to do data recovery on the drive which originally had them.

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Cloud storage solutions, Rackspace, or get your own domain, and host your own files but most plans cap at 10GB without paying for extra storage. Or, get multiple external drives to backup to regularly, and do regular checks on your backups to make sure they are working.

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