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SSH problems?


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In that case it probably dosn't work becasue the HTTP Proxy (asuming your connection at collage) dosn't do any thing when you send the request becasue it expects HTTP (reguradless of SSL/TLS is layered on HTTP) requests, so if it receives any thing else it egnors them.

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Oh dam lol more bad news. Oh well I try it again and try port 80 this time if not I'll just forget it.

Cheers Sparda!

Port 80 won't work for the same reason, you will need to layer SSH over HTTP. I have no idea if any software exsists that alows you to do that :/

I know you can layer a OpenVPN connection over HTTP if thats any help at all.

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I was just going to try it just incase they are blocking the other port. If so I'll check out OpenVPN.


Btw. You need to install OpenVPN on the computer you want to connect from... this won't work unless you have admin right, which is of course one of the problems with OpenVPN :/

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I've been able to get to an SSH server through a HTTP proxy.

I set the SSH server to port 443 and allowed port forwarding the SSH server behind the router.

Then told putty to use a HTTP proxy, and directed it to the correct proxy server.

So basically nothing special. It was a squid proxy and I don't know what kind of policies they were running it on though.

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The way you're talking about this stuff is really throwing me off.

What you should have is your home machine HM, home router HR and your laptop LT configured roughly like so:


ssh running, preferably on port 443. Yes, you can port-forward to a different port, but I find this can sometimes cause weirdness

Since you're gonna proxy from here, to your laptop (i.e. your laptop will route its internet traffic through this box) you'll want to have Privoxy running here aswell. Probably with Squid before it so that the privoxy output gets cached.

The proxy you'll be talking will be running on port ABCD. Whatever's available.


Port-forwards incoming connections on port 443 to HM port 443.


Using Putty and some proxy support you can connect to your HR on port 443. You tell it to port forward local port DCBA to remote ABCD.

You configure your browser of choice to use the proxy available to it on port DCBA. All traffic over this port gets tunned to the proxy on HM and serviced from there.

That's how I think it should be set up. There's no port-forwarding going on from your home machine to your laptop unless this is the home machine you mentioned before.

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