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Mount Ftp As A Drive


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I managed to figure out how to map an Ftp site as a local drive.

Here is the short version of what I did.

Curlftpfs is what you need. I know it is available for Debian based and most other distributions. It is also available for mac but this is beyond the scope of this post.

edit fstab add curlftpfs#ftpUsername:ftpPassword@ftp://ftpUrl /localDirectory fuse rw,uid=1000,umask=0777,user,suid,allow_other,exec,auto,utf8 0 1

This is the login pass where the ftp site located local directory where you want to mount the ftp site on your computer read write userid. I am not sure what the rest means.

mount -a mounts all file systems.

Edit rc.local

So it will start on reboot.

sudo curlftpfs -o umask=0777,uid=1000,gid=1000,allow_other ftp://username:password@your.ftpserver.here /localdirectory

save mount -a

I think I could set something up with except to do it better.

Any ideas let me know. Thanks MD

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This works ok, but it's really slow, slower then using filezilla or a proper FTP client for doing FTP stuff, but if you need to treat it like a normal file system this works.

The only way to improve on this is by using a different protocol, which is always advisable as FTP is a rubbish protocol.

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SFTP or SCP would be more advisable than standard FTP in any case. Especially since its encrypted and your password info isn't sent in the clear.

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