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Advise On How To Properly/safely Root An Android Phone


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With no prior ROOTing experience I am interested in ROOTing a new Android Samsung Exhibit II cell phone with a few questions:

#1 What concerns should I have if any performing such a task?

#2 Are there safe sources for software to ROOT my phone?

#3 I would imagine that there must be some malware infected ROOTing software out there what should I watch out for?

Any other advise would be appreciated.

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#1 You could brick your phone and some phones cannot be unbricked. If your phone brakes and you want to send it to to get fixed you will have to unroot it before sending it in or you might get hit with a fine or theiy will not not it.

#2 I use http://forum.xda-developers.com/ whenever I am rooting a device.

browse their forum if anywhere has instructions on how to root your phone it will be them

#3 Most malware/virus for the android I have seen came from the "sexy girls" apps and apps that you download from the internet and not the market.

Hope this helps

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