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Computer Crashes Too Frequently


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my computer crashes if i just leave it running. typically, the screen goes black but stays on, and my second monitor switches off. it becomes completely nonresponsive (i can't even switch ttys). sometimes it crashes with a screen full of randomly flickering and blinking pixels. the last time it crashed, it seems to have switched momentarily to tty8, with the deinterlacing broken (it printed a spotty ghost image twice).

heres a pic of the last crash: http://i.imgur.com/6DMiu.jpg

any help is appreciated, sorry if i just smacked you with a wall of jibber-jabber.

computer specs:

OS: Arch linux

CPU: centrino duo, 2.2ghz

ram: 2GB

it has discrete nvidia graphics

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Could be a number of things, but have you tried running fschk against the drive to make sure its not the HDD?

Try pulling the HDD and booting a live disc of Arch(if you have one) and just let it run for a day in that environment with no HDD. If it doesn't happen, chances are the HDD is going. If it does happen, then something else in the system is faulty, like memory or even just unsupported GPU/bios/drivers, etc.

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