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I need a bit of help, I'm not only going to school at ITT Tech but now working here and need some help with building up what software tools I need. Looking for a linux distro that is easy to learn, offers tool that would be useful in imaging hard drives and be a good all purpose repair platform. Tried the latest ubuntu but it will not display on my toshiba laptop so that may be a factor also. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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If by software tools you mean, tools that will help you get most technical problems resolved, then I would recommend to look into Hiren's Boot CD. It has a large collection of tools you can possible imagine, but all aimed at repairing/fixing computer issues.

Now if you need a Linux OS to learn, look into Linux Mint.

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I've been running Mint exclusively on my laptop for about nine months and have been loving it. It is/was an Ubuntu/Debian derivative (so it uses .deb packages). If you have multiple machines or are willing to dual/tripple boot, I would suggest having both a Mint and Fedora install to play with. Fedora uses .rpm packages, being a RedHat derivative.

Hiren's is great; I'm fine with the current version of it, but there are those that say you should have a copy of of Hiren's from before version 11 (10.8?) and a copy of the current version. It used to be more greyware, but has gone fully legit since version 11.

... and here are some other tools to look at

Repair/Rescue: UBCD / UBCD4Win / SystemRescueCD / TrinityRescueKit / RecoveryIsPossible

Imaging/Cloning: Clonezilla / Gparted / Parted Magic / Fog

The other tool I would suggest for doing diagnostic/repair work would be some sort of multiboot creation tool for USB/DVDs. There are lots of tools out there to make multiboot Linux USB drives or DVDs. However I prefer SARDU, with it I've made both multiboot Windows install DVDs and multiboot Linux/Repair DVDs and USB Drives. These save me a lot of space in my toolbox of repair gear that I carry around.

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TrinityRescueKit can also image/clone with mclone. I don't particularly like Mint for the simple reason it's understaffed. If someone has a sick day or two, the whole project can grind to a halt. For beginner friendly distros, I recommend Fedora, which is essentially a testing bed for Red Hat. It's backed by a corporation so a lot of the bugs tend to get ironed out, if not before it gets to Fedora, definitely soon after so it won't affect RHEL. If you really want to learn, try Arch Linux, which starts you on the command line and you install and configure everything. Sounds scary first, but the wiki and documentation is top notch. All you have to do is read, and it will teach you a lot about Linux.

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