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  1. Well some of these post are a bit late but lets ignore that for the moment. When I first started this journey I was wondering "what have I got myself into" but now that I'm a few months from graduating I'm seeing that it was worth it. I'm now working for ITT as a federal work study as assist system support tech for the school, my resume looks allot better than when I started and I have had many hours of hands on experience. Tearing a lab apart and upgrading the computer, working with active directory on a daily basis at times, working on the server (with supervision) to trouble shoot virtual machines I have done allot. Does that mean I'm a wizard at this, NO!!! It just means that compared to rest of the students I have more hands on experience and not afraid to use that experience. I have allot more work ahead of me but this had made things much easier. (P.S. Forum admin please lock this, it is no longer need. thank you :) )
  2. Sometime ago Darren talked about building your own wireless access point using a linux distro, could someone please tell me what it was? Thank you.
  3. I need a bit of help, I'm not only going to school at ITT Tech but now working here and need some help with building up what software tools I need. Looking for a linux distro that is easy to learn, offers tool that would be useful in imaging hard drives and be a good all purpose repair platform. Tried the latest ubuntu but it will not display on my toshiba laptop so that may be a factor also. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I can attest to that also, I'm holding an A average and to me it seems easy but there are others who are struggling to maintain a B average. Maybe it is because I'm trying and reading the books and using Google and YouTube on stuff I do not understand. Or maybe it is just cause I want a better job than pushing carts at Walmart, who knows.
  5. I understand all this,what I wanted to know was has anyone had any experience with either of these two cpus. My thoughts of them is that they will perform nearly identically (quad core with lower speed compared to dual core with higher speed) and what will set them apart would be multi-tasking of programs or programs that can take adavantage of the more cores there are. I'm looking at 4 laptops right now with a 5th one when it becomes avaiable,the HP Pavilion g4-1215dx and the Pavilion g6-1c45dx and well as Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7305 and Satellite L755D-S5218 all of them from BestBuy.
  6. I'm doing some researching towards a new laptop and came across a minor question concerning the number of cores and what there frequencies are. The cpus I'm looking at are the AMD A4-3300m dual core at 1.9ghz and the AMD A6-3400m quad core at 1.4ghz. So my question is which is better? I'm assuming that a quad core will be better overall but with it being 1.4ghz makes me want to ask the experts. (Yeah I know,I'm asking for a heap of trouble from this forum. ;P ) What I'm going to use this for is college as well as gaming,so having a good overall performance is what I'm concerned about. Thank you for any help that can be given.
  7. My netbook is an eeepc 1005 hab from asus no bios issue that I can see and the thumb drive is 4 gigs so that should not be an issue either. I tried unetbootin cause it handles iso files,now I realise that was dumb. I just want to prepare the thumb drive,put win7 on it,install win7 on my netbook in a dual boot config so I can save some money.
  8. The problem I'm having is that I cannot figure out how to get win7 iso onto a thumb drive using linux. I have seen instructuions for how to do it in windows but nothing for linux. What I want to do is dual boot so that when I'm at school I can use win7 pro and when I'm at home use mint linux. Is there a way to use wine to make a thumb drive bootable? I have tried unetbootin but it does not work with the win7 iso so I need some help.
  9. I'm running linux mint right now and the school I'm going to has given me access to windows 7 pro but I'm having trouble installing it. Can someone help me install it or tell me where to get the info?
  10. Sorry to necro a topic but which certifications should I go for?
  11. Hmmm,well right now I have limited choices for schools in this area. Well I guess I will just have to do the self teaching thing again,learning how to run linux on my netbook,learning to fix my old desktop system and trying to not blow stuff up. >:) One last thing,what would be a good linux distro to learn and work with,something that will help with IT work?
  12. Thank you for the replies. Is there some good websites out there that can help me in anyway like with linux,networks and other stuff? All that I have access to right now is my netbook and whatever hot spots I can find,plus the netbook is running mint linux so I'm not completely dumb about things,just very newbish. Thanks for any help.
  13. I have just been accepted into ITT Tech,are they any good or am I just spending money for no good reason? I'm studying to be either an network admin or the mobile communication tech. P.S. Love the show. :)
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