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Problem Using Mark Iii

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Hi hak5, I've got some probleme while using my PineApple Mark III

I think I don't know how to use the pineapple but may be you could help me.

I explain what do the pineapple :

When I put the DC power on it, the PineApple Power On, then I have to wait around 1 minute before pineapple is ready (it's not a problem)

Then I go to the adress : and I see that the Interface is enabled (logic) and the MK3 Karma also. At this time, all is right.




A Curious thing is that the pineapple create a new Access point named like the one my PC (the one which is connected to pineapple via RJ45) "Netgear ... "


When I use an other PC to login into my router, "NETGEAR ... " The pineapple doesn't seem to find anything;

ARP Log / DHCP Log / Association Log /URL Snarfer / Network Grepper /Phishing Net

Don't moves.

I think that I need help ^^. Thanks

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Dear HT-France,

I see you are connected to the "NETGEAR####" AP with security. That would be the real one.

The other "NETGEAR####" with the shield (means no security) is the one karma would broadcast.

Connect to that network and I am sure you will see things in the logs.



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