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I live on my uncles land and he lets my use his wireless. He is not really into anything about computers and doesnt really care. He has internet just for his kids. So, I wanted to play around with the network, and i have done a few things and figured out a bit about how it work and everything. Now I want to explore the router, mostly to set up a music server for when im not at home (most of the time). So ive been trying to get the password for router IP. I attempted to log in first from windows explorer trying some basic passwords and then trying the default stuff. Well sometimes it says "page cannot be displayed", and sometimes it just never loads. Well then I tried using Brutus to get the password and it immeadetly found that the admin password was abc... (first thing on the word list, suspicious?). So I attempted to logon using that. Same "page cannot be displayed". So I ask, "Whats the deal?" What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help? btw: its a wrt54gx linksys router.

thankx in advance guys!

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From my understanding, you arent plugged right into the router. If you can, a wired connection might help.

*I would recommend buying a cheap router off of ebay, as its hella easy to screw up someones router, by accident

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