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Linux + Cellphones


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Just wondering if anyone has heard of linux + a sony ericsson (per say). I think that would really be nice, to be able to surf the web with linux on ur SE that currently supports 1-4 gigs of storage, i mean c'mon its just great! I could imagine the Windoze&palm based phones could have a linux firmware upgrade, but what about the rest?

Free : Bluethood, Infrared, Webcam, Skype, IRC. All those appz are allready available and since they are written in J2ME u could run it on linux.

Currently there is a huge lack of J2ME develpment, and linux on a cellphone... havent even heard of it. Olso last but not least to mention, SE phones have AMAIZING firmware suport (and hacks) i basically updated my SE from a k750i to a walkman series w800i + custimizations and it supports macromedia flash items and a 4gig space MS duo that allows me to record up to 5-10hs of video (best quality) or over 400 photos.

Just hoping ill light up some interest in somone, or maybe get a positive feedback.

PS: If anyone has a SE k750i (RED CID 36) and want to do some cool hacks, im sure i can point you into the right direction. Oh, and im loving season 2 allready ^_^

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yep, one good thing about the phone treo is that its palm based and there is a really nifty tool called "Omni remote" that allows you to record and send infrared (IR) signals, thust allowing you to steal IR signals from anything ex:

- drive way IR controlled doors

- your neighboors TV remote

- your computer

- other devices

- crack IR locks using brute force

I searched everywhere for a Omniremote equivalent on Java (J2ME) without sucess, witch really brought me down, since my SE can do allmost everything i want and IR control is one of the current limitations of it.

PS: SE k750i, is one of the most sold cellphones thruw out the world, and the ones with most hacks.

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