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Step back, take a deep breath, and then _slowly_ ask that question again.

Assume for a moment that none of us have any idea of just what it is you want to do. That we're all happy when we're drooling equal amounts from both corners of our mouths.

The only 2 things that I can make out are that you're trying the RSS alarm clock thing, and that it's not doing what you want it to.

So, be specific: What is happening? What did you expect to happen? Why did you expect this? Any errors? Logfiles? Modified snippets of source code?

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lol, ok please can someone explain step by step what codes, batch files go where to make the rss alarm clock, i have looked at the website but it does not explain it too me well(not complaining).

I would really like to know how to make such a cool alarm but i dont really know about batch files or codes, so i would like to know. :)

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For Windows


For Linux


Let's take it step by step. Which guide are you following, and at which point are you losing track?

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ok i did everything that needs 2 be done, i have a alarm folder where my alarm.bat and my TestToWave.vbs is, also my alarm.m3u is in there and my perl downloads. so i click on the alarm.bat and a pop up comes up titles

"Windows Script Host"

Scrpt: c:doc and setuserdesktopalarmTextToWave.vbs

line: 23

Char: 4

Error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'Scripting.FileSystemObject'

Code: 800A1AD

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

soo i dont no what htis is and i realy want this alarm thing 2 work , i dont no if i did the TextToWave.vbs right, all did was open notpad, copy and pasted what was on the forums and saved it.

can any1 pls help? :idea: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

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