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Hdd not reading.


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Okay, so my computer that i installed Xubuntu on doesn't read my harddrive, neither does my computers bios. I think it was cause i forgot to add like a boot loader on it...so...I need to fix this. Suggestions on how to get this to work? I need to kill that current patition, and get it to read my hdd.

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If bios won't see it, you need to check the hardware, make sure its all plugged in OK, and then redetect the disks in bios. Is it failing to see the hard disk or just the partition on said disk? If it see's the disk, do like what that there Spider fellow suggested. If its a fresh install on a clean disk, you could just do a reinstall if your lazy.

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It's all plugged in okay, and i hear it running, just my bios still refuses to see it. Last night it was running fine, and it was loud so i turned my computer off, let linux unmount things and now it doesnt see my hd. Im going to try and open it up in a live cd and try and see if i can get it there. But if not any mroe suggestions? im willing to do a fresh install fi thats what it will take.

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