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I'm New Here :)

I suck at hacking

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Hey fellow hackers, I've been watching hak5 for a few months now and decided, hey why not join the forums. Here is a little about me, I am 16, have a job and pay for pretty much everything that I do. I don't do much. I basically just sit in front of the computer all day and well, satisfy my technolust as you guys say it. I enjoy wifi hacking, and sidejacking in public wifi spots.

Now if need your help, my mom asked me what I wanted for christmas, I said a wifi pineapple, she basically gave me a wtf look, I explained to her what it does and she immediately said no. I need help convincing her to get it for me. I would just buy it with my own money but she hates me and my hacking and if she realises I got one our internet would be gone. Although this doesn’t really bother me because our neighbours have unsecured 25mbps I hate going behind her back for something like this.

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Welcom chri... Not sure if that's supposed to be Chris or not.

If you wanted to introduce yourself, you should have posted in the introduce yourself thread... That's what it's for. With that being said, I'm not entirely sure of what you are asking? You want reasons to tell your mom why you should get a pineapple for Christmas? Please explain.

Not really why she shouldn't get me it for christmas, but shes against me hacking and doesn't want me to get one... I feel like such a 12 year old for having to ask this but I don't really know what to say to her.

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As we all know, there are certain types of hacking, the bad ones (someone hacks into a system for evil intent) and the good ones (where you do something yourself and learn from it, or try to make it better).

Now I mean no disrespect to your mum, but you should educate your mum on the type of hacking you intend to do. Tell her, that your intents are not evil but purely for learning experience. Don't say that you intend on using the pineapple wifi for hacking your neighbor's WIFI, but instead tell her that you will be using it for your own good, for learning the dangers of unprotected WIFI and what you can do to protect yourself.

If you have spare computers with wifi enabled, you could invite your mum for a few hacking sessions, teach her all you can about the dangers of open/unprotected WIFI, and provide solutions where appropriate. By doing this, your mum will have more confidence in you, she will be certain that you won't be hacking your neighbor's network.

And I am sure, she will have different views about hacking. Now its all up to you.

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Alright guys, thanks for the help. Also is their anyway to change my username? I'm a idiot and spelled my name wrong in binary...

You need to contact the forum administrator, he will be able to help you.

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