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  1. I'm in the same boat as you op. Also, in recon mode, you should change the deauth link to the deauth tool in the pineapple bar. The current one only sends 1 packet and sometimes doesn't even knock it off.
  2. So I'm stupid and put my pineapple into client mode but it's not broadcasting any networks for me to connect to and I can't connect with lan to go back into the pineapple and change the settings. I honestly don't know how I dicked it, but I dicked it. Will I need to do system reset or is there a easier fix?
  3. My listener ip keeps saying "Doesn't work yet'
  4. I recently took a trip to california and upon arriving I booted up my pineapple and it no longer works. The lights go on and everything but when I try to connect via web browser I get a problem loading page, and when I try to ping it I get "Destination Host Unreachable" I tried hitting the reset button and everything. I think it got damaged from being tossed around in luggage but it could also be another problem? Do you guys have any suggestions? Also I believe I was running 2.8.0 or 2.8.1 if that helps. Edit: However I can ping my computer that is supposed to be connected to the pineapple.
  5. I tried uninstall and reinstalling the wifi jammer but every time it keeps on trying to deauth on wlan0 instead of wlan1. My wlan1 device is a netgear wg111v3 I finally got my phone to connect to the pineapple, but the internets doesn't work. I opened up wire shark and see this error: Who has Tell
  6. I did upgrade to 2.8.1 and everything has been working smoothly except for one thing, but that problem is a module and nothing to do with the actual firmware upgrade I believe. The issue is that wifi jammer keeps on trying to use wlan0 interface no matter how many times I select wlan1
  7. I still just get probe requests and never a successful association.
  8. I was reading in the thread earlier that it bricked some peoples pineapples. Don't want that to happen, but I'm willing to try anything. Before I try, anyone else know what might be wrong?
  9. I have tons of these: KARMA: Probe Request from 78:e4:00:05:51:6b for SSID 'TROLOLOLOL' Karma never makes a successful connection though, any idea on how to fix this?
  10. Any idea on when? Also does the wifi jammer only work on people connected to the same network as you, or everyone in network range?
  11. But if I added a wireless adapter, do you think it would work better?
  12. Thanks for the help, will I run into the issue using aireplay-ng?
  13. I got my pineapple a few months back because I needed for a small operation. Now I'm brushing up on everything and have a few questions. 1. If I were to get a more powerful antenna, should I connect it to my laptop or pineapple to pick up more targets 2. I know this probably belongs in the Infusions / Modules section, but I don't want to post twice. When using wifi jammer, it shuts down my laptops connection to the internet even after I turn wifi jammer off, and the pineapple doesn't seem to work correctly till I unplug it and plug it back in. Do I need to have another wireless device connected?
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