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I know fuck all about iPods given that I don't own one but Apple make an ipod restorer widget.


Try running that, if it screws up worse, try going threw what they explain here.


Where you running iPod linux on it? Or was it a regular update from apple? Have you got it set to a mass storage (making it act like a regular external HD) mode by accident? (its in the options of itunes somewhere, but again, no ipod, no clue.).

If its really borked, call apple and ask them?

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Sure its not set to be a HD only on the player somewhere? Can you even get the ipod to boot anymore? Have you tried updating/reinstalling itunes? Have you tried setting it up on a 2nd computer? And have you tried doing a reset on it? We really need a precise, detailed account of the issue, what you did, what you've tried and any additional info about your iPod. Otherwise we're all shooting in the dark.

As i asked, you've not been playing with it? As in installing linux, modding it etc... If you've done that, then you should probally check out the forums for that particular mod, see if other people have had the same issue.

If not, call Apple, tell them you applyed the update and it died on you. They should be able to talk you threw sorting it. (If its out of warrenty then knowing apple, they'll most likely file your report in the bin and go back to shopping for berets that match there wallpaper.)

If that fails, then i'd go and try talking to the linux-on-iPod people, simply tell them your situation, explain its not using the linux mod, but you figured they might know a thing or two about fixing iPods. You could also try a forum specifically geared at ipods, since while hak5 has a lot of smart people, we're not all 100% clued up about iPods. On a forum specifically for ipods there's bound to be people who can make a "dead" ipod sing and dance again. But you will again need to go into far more detail regarding your exact fault, the nature of the issue and any steps you've taken to remedy it.

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