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Embedded Ssh Client Windows 7


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On almost all internetworking equipment that I deploy now a days during the hardening process I disable telnet and enable SSH. However, it is rather annoying having to use a third party application to connect to an SSH server such as Putty (great product though). I'm trying to find a way to embed an SSH client into the Command Prompt or within Powershell without having to do a CD and use some long command syntax to accomplish this. Does anyone know if this has been done or is even possible? The great thing about telnet was simply tapping Windows Key + R > type cmd > type telnet and ip. It was fast! Any ideas?

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I was going to say, plink, if in the path of your session, should run from a command prompt in windows cli itself, but you can also do it with putty for more robust options of its gui usage and saved server list. plink is the command line version of putty. I don't think plink will allow you to use the socks proxy feature though, ie: pointing a browser to on a custom dynamic port defined in PuTTy to tunnel its traffic over SSH.

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